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Jarrod Peterson '19 - Biology

When Jarrod Petersen Class of 2019 approached Westfield State Biology Department to do research, he wasn't sure what to study. That discussion led them to study sea robin and their specialized fin rays using the CURCA SSuRF program to finance their research. Since then, Jarrod's report been featured in a national conference and has gone on to to be published in an academic journal.

David Kennedy '19 - English
A passion for literature led David Kennedy class of 2019 to write a novella about mythology for a project in his English major. CURCA and the SSuRF program helped him take his research to the next level with a paid summer research fellowship. Check out David's amazing work in the video below.
Corey Pooler '20 - Mathematics
Corey Pooler graduated in the class of 2020 with a major in Mathematics. Corey had taken several study abroad trips sponsored by WSU to Nicaragua to help build schools and grant access to clean water sources. Click the video to learn more about how Corey received foundation scholarships that enhanced his field experiences and scholarly research at WSU.
Austin Buckner '20 - Biology
Austin Buckner in the class of 2020 had a simple question; how does tattoo ink impact immune cells within the skin? He took this question to the Biology Department where he and his faculty mentor applied for a CURCA SSuRF Fellowship to finance Austin's research question.
Interested in the SSuRF Program?
The SSuRF Program or "student summer undergraduate research fellowship" is a 10-week long independent/mentor guided research opportunity for students to pursue a research hypothesis. Regardless of a student's major or research idea, applications for the SSuRF program can list any research topic a student is interested in, or it can expand on previous research done during other classes. Student are given free housing at Westfield State University for the duration of their 10-week project as well as funds as applicable to research supplies, travel etc. as approved by the CURCA Committee. Students will be paid in the form of bi-weekly stipends for their 10 30-hour weeks spent researching and meeting regularly with their project mentors. Click the button below to find out more about the SSuRF Program!
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